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Become part of our “pop-up village” so that you can capture more depth, vitality, and wholeheartedness for yourself, your family, and villages. As a member you will receive free access to our ongoing events and discounts on other member services. Membership is $99 per year and includes a copy of the NGS book, “Awaken Your Inner Gifts”.

Storytelling Evenings: Those who attend will harvest courage, wisdom, and beauty (The Gifts) from the story, their engagements, and remembering the significant stories of their lives. Folks will leave with more sacredness, liberation and belonging than when they arrived. Dare to be seen, moved, and transfigured – imagine THAT!!!

Meditation: a guided meditation, dialogue, and process to help you begin learning your spiritual style to awaken your true nature, your essential qualities, your inner gifts; identifying personality resistances that block your awareness of your inner gifts; and identifying a meaningful need to give your inner gifts to, for living with a deep sense of fulfillment, meaning and purpose.

Relationship Evenings: An evening of exploration into the most important aspect of your life – your relationships. Experiencing great love allows you to revolutionize virtually every aspect of your life.

Entrepreneurship Evenings: these evenings are designed to support members who want to start, grow, or manage their own business. Bring real life challenges to the meeting and find ways of mastering the solutions. Get clarity, insight, and breakthroughs for your business and achieve your goals.

Cost : $99 /year


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