What is the difference between Essential Qualities (EQ) and True Nature? EQ arises from resting in our TN. Examples of EQ are; love, compassion, patience, courage, and forgiveness and so on. When we engage in life with EQ we are able to create a solid foundation that serves as a platform to launch our Natural Gifts (NG). Unfortunately, so much of our current world and thinking does not see the value in cultivating our EQ. Much of our society has been rooted in the distortion of “competitive tribalism” or “predatory capitalism” that fosters meaninglessness and this has been falsely rewarded. Many of us have been recruited into the rat race and can no longer step off or slow down the hamster wheel. Many have become hopelessly lost and have forgotten their innermost truths and EQ. However, some of us are beginning to see and want more. Some of us are recognizing that we no longer want to merely survive but also want to thrive. It is this breakthrough that allows us to desire to live from our EQ. Tapping into our EQ can be challenging. It is a practice and requires effort. Some days we struggle, and make mistakes. However, it is through our EQ that we are able to find the courage and patience to forgive our circumstances, others, and ourselves. It is with our EQ that we are able to joyously surrender to the mystery of life, and allow for our own uniqueness and gifts to forge our purposeful path of thriving with more ease.