“You can see the discrepancy in our architecture-you look downtown, and instantly it tells the story. The churches used to be the highest buildings, now it is the financial institutions.” – Dr. James Hollis Dr. James Hollis outlines this notion beautifully. He captures the truth of the lack of soul in our current world. Many of us have become slaves to the mighty dollar. Further, many of us have been taught that the noblest of paths is one of riches and success. However, some of us who have followed this path are beginning to wonder the validity of this myth. It seems that within our society those that have insurmountable amounts of money and success seem the least happiest. Where have we gone wrong? Have we followed the wrong god home? It is with this type of curiosity and questioning that we begin to identity the Meaningful Need (MN) that our NG’s are here to serve. Each MN is specific and unique to each person and is aligned with an individual’s NG. Four people may share the gift of compassion. However, all four people will manifest their gifts of compassion in a variety of ways that are aligned with their own natural soul expression. It is through the overall NGS process and formula that one is able to look beyond one’s own gift and feel a sense of responsibility. That responsibility allows them to respond and in service and comes from the notion that our gifts were created to be of service towards self and others, to ultimately fulfill a MN within the world. It is our greatest vision that we can allow as many people as possible to tap into their gifts to thus attend to the MN of the world. It is through this type of aid that we will be able to create lives of greater meaning and purpose.