“In the flush of love’s light we need to be brave. And suddenly we see that love costs all we are and will be. Yet, it is only love which sets us free.”- Maya Angelou

The word personality comes from the Greek word Persona. The word Persona was used to describe the masks the actors would wear during play performances. The actors would either wear a mask that represented a tragedy or comedy . However, the actors were clear about discerning the difference between the mask and their essential being. Unfortunately, many of us no longer discern the difference. We become attached to our roles and so called “identities”. It is through this attachment that our egos take control, and we create false illusions of self and other. Roles include: the responsible one, the victim, the critic, the perfectionist, the pusher, the parent, the pleaser, the hero, the rebel and so on. It is the strong bond to these roles that causes us pain. It is especially true that during trying times of change, job loss, or “midlife” crisis our sense of “self” becomes challenged. It is through that inner battle that we acknowledge Personality Resistance (PR). While facing our PR we are invited to embrace our vulnerability and begin to question ourselves; “Who am I beyond all of this?” The process of PR is like the cracking through the acorn shell. The shell is hard and protects what’s inside. Breaking through the shell creates risk and vulnerability. However, it is the only way to become the magnificent Oak tree. In the same sense, learning to skillfully transform our PR is the only way into our greatness so we can create a life of love, joy, peace, meaning and purpose.