“Although you appear in earthly form, your essence is pure Consciousness. You are the fearless guardian of Divine Light. So come, return to the Root of the root of your own Soul.” – Rumi

People from all over the world with many different philosophical orientations call it many different things; God, Buddha, Allah, the Source, Consciousness and some call it the Ground of Being. Whatever the label, it is within this Being-Ness that we find infinite possibility. It is within this realm that we are able to reside within our True Nature (TN). TN enables us to be connected with all of life, all of the universe, with God, or our Self. “He sat in the stillness and listened to the wisdom of his soul. It was there in the quiet he could feel his connection with the beauty of the universe. He was home.” – Unknown In a world filled with distraction, busyness and high stimulation, stillness and silence are amongst the most precious commodities we can acquire. Finding the time to drop into the spaciousness that is formless, right into the source of human experience is profound, necessary and sacred. The NGS philosophy and practice helps someone orient toward being rooted in his or her True Nature (TN) while integrating the tasks of daily life.