Natural gifts are innate resources within each of us. We are each born with the seeds of these natural gifts, but many people are not aware of their existence, so these seeds lie dormant within us. Over the course of your life, different experiences may have allowed you to begin exploring these natural gifts. Perhaps challenging times, or a drive towards certain passions made you more attuned to what your inner gifts could be.

Natural Gifts are not to be confused with a skill or talent you may have mastered. But how would you know the difference? Here’s one way to illustrate it – have you ever attended a piano recital or concert? During the different performances, even though every performer hit the right notes and had extraordinary skills at playing the instrument – did you FEEL the difference between those who played with skill and the ones who played with Soul? THAT’s what we’re talking about when we want to make the distinction between a skill, talent or a Natural Gift.

When we give our Natural Gifts to a meaningful need we see in the world, we tend to live with more joy and a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. The Natural Gifts Society’s vision is to uncover everyone’s Natural Gifts so that we can all live with more joy, meaning, purpose and passion. The journey of finding your inner gifts is unique for everyone, however, it always starts with self-exploration and being able to answer questions such as, “What do I want? What do I naturally seem to sway towards? What does a meaningful life look like for me? How can I become my best self?”

It is through this self-exploration that Natural Gifts Society is here to support, mentor and guide.